Regarding NAVIOS


Thank you very much for visiting our website.

In NAVIOS, we will introduce open source software that can be used in business.

Although open source software has become more prevalent in business applications than in the past, we believe that it can be used even more than it is now.

Linux distributions, databases such as Mysql and Postgres, and middleware such as Apache and Nginx have become indispensable technologies in today's IT service delivery infrastructure.

The services provided by this site also include Kubernetes, a platform for managing containerized workloads and services, OpenLDAP* for centralized management of accounts for the services provided, Keyclo Keycloak*, which enables single sign-on via SAML and oAuth.

In order to push the limits of what is possible with open source software, we have developed a service infrastructure and opened this site.

In this site, we would like to solve the following points that hinder the utilization of OSS.

  1. lack of image of what kind of business they can utilize OSS for
  2. Want to try it, but do not have time to build the environment.
  3. We do not have time to prepare a server to build an environment.

We would like to solve these problems by incorporating your opinions in this site.

We hope you enjoy this site.

From the service owner

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