What is Snipe-IT?



Snipe-IT is an asset management system for hardware (e.g., personal computers and printers) and software (e.g., applications).

Many companies have a variety of "assets" such as equipment and fixtures necessary for business operations.

In particular, fixed assets are those that are held for more than one year and have a value that is used for a long period of time, so they are depreciated for accounting purposes. The accountant must know exactly what type of fixed assets he or she owns and how long they have been in use.

The reality is that companies manage these assets they own in some application (e.g., Excel).

However, there are also challenges such as not being able to manage how many assets there are in the entire company and not knowing when hardware/licenses are due for renewal, which is the norm.

Snipe-IT is a system that can manage not only IT assets but also consumables and can solve the aforementioned issues.

Functions provided

  • Management Dashboard

    • Get an at-a-glance overview of recent activity and the assets, accessories, consumables, and components you own.
    • Items that have been checked in, checked out, recently updated or deleted can be displayed in the Recent Activity Snapshot.
  • Asset Management Functions

    • Easily see which assets are assigned to whom and their physical location.
    • Check them into inventory with one click or click to view a complete asset history. Quickly and easily see which assets are currently deployed, pending (waiting for new software installation, repairs), ready for deployment, or in storage (lost/stolen, damaged). -License Management
  • License Management Capabilities

    • The same quick access is available for licenses. We are working on improving this further by making it easier and smarter to handle multi-pack licenses.
    • To receive an email when your license is about to expire, enable email alerts.
  • Email Alert Feature

    • Snipe-IT comes with sophisticated built-in email notifications for users and administrators.

Information that can be registered

NAVIOS Personal, available for individual users, allows individuals to manage software licenses purchased by them, as well as the date and cost of purchase of personal computers and smartphones.

Snipe-IT can register the following information

  • Department that owns the asset
  • Asset management ID
  • Serial number
  • Equipment model
  • Status
  • Asset Name
  • Date Purchased
  • Supplier Information
  • Order Number
  • Purchase Cost
  • Warranty Period
  • Remarks
  • Default Installation Location
  • Rental Request
  • Asset Image
  • Manufacturer
  • Supplier
  • Installation location
  • Depreciation
  • Category
  • Model
  • Status
  • Custom Fields

More details will be authored in future content.

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