Service infrastructure



In this article, I will give an overview of the platform for the services we provide.

The platform consists of multiple servers on the Internet and is clustered. On the servers, we use Kubernetes for container orchestration.

We will examine various platform configurations and provide an overview of Kubernetes, which is superior in terms of operation and cost.

About Container Operations and Management

Docker is a well-known container technology, and Kubernetes is an open source software designed to manage and automate container operations. In Greek, it means helmsman/pilot. It is sometimes abbreviated as K8s. Since the pronunciation is "kouvenetis" or "kouvanetis", the abbreviation "K8s" may be easier to pronounce for Japanese people. The container is used to run various applications.

Containers can easily run various applications, but complex network configuration is required to manage them or to link them with containers running on different servers. Thus, management becomes complicated when you want to run containers on multiple hosts.

Kubernetes is a system that solves this problem, allowing you to manage the coordination of networking, storage, etc. when running containers on multiple hosts. Such a system is called "container orchestration".

About Clusters

To run k8s, multiple servers are installed in a robust data center to build a cluster. Each server is a high-specification server, but in order to keep service fees to our customers low, we use rental servers that are assigned public IPs.

Communication between the clusters is encrypted using open source VPN software such as Wireguard.

In the future, we would like to have an opportunity to explain more about Kubernetes and Wireguard mentioned in this article.

First of all, we would be happy if you could try our demo environment.

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