What is PenPot?



Penpot is the first open source design and prototyping platform developed for cross-domain teams.

Web-based and operating system independent, Penpot works using open web standards (SVG).

It is enhanced by the community for the benefit of all.

NAVIOS Personal provides this service for individuals. If you are a cross-domain team, we can prepare a dedicated system for you.


  • Design components at lightspeed

    • Maintain consistency across components, libraries, and design systems on a large scale.
    • Collaborate with all team members to create beautiful user interfaces.
  • Interactive prototypes for all

    • Create rich interactions that mimic product behavior.
    • Share with stakeholders, make suggestions to your team, and start user testing with your designs, all in one place.
  • Design starts with you. But it is teamwork that makes it happen.

    • All team members can work simultaneously, become design multipliers in real time, and incorporate comments, ideas, and feedback into the design.
  • Priceless Conversations

    • This is a valuable conversation where you can receive feedback while looking at designs and prototypes. Share links to design files and prototypes to get contextual feedback.
  • Libraries & Templates

    • PenPot is building a community together. Your work and knowledge can be useful to someone else, even if you think otherwise. Here you can share your libraries and templates and download the ones you like.

More articles will be added in the future for more information.

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