What's Matrix synapse?


Matrix Synapse is an open-source server software that implements the Matrix protocol, a decentralized messaging and communication protocol. Matrix is designed to enable real-time communication between different messaging platforms and services, creating a federated network.

Matrix Synapse serves as the server-side implementation of the Matrix protocol, managing users' messaging data and room information. It is written in Python and provides the foundation for hosting a self-hosted Matrix server.

Key features of Matrix Synapse include:

  1. User Management: Synapse offers user account management, allowing for user registration, authentication, access control, and user profile management.

  2. Room Management: Synapse enables the creation and management of chat rooms or group chats. Rooms can be customized with various settings and access controls, facilitating communication among different users.

  3. Messaging: Synapse provides real-time messaging capabilities, allowing users to send and receive text messages, files, images, voice messages, and more.

  4. Federation: Synapse supports the federation feature of the Matrix protocol, enabling messaging and room sharing between different Matrix servers. This allows users to communicate with users on different servers.

As a self-hosted server software, Matrix Synapse enables individuals and organizations to install it on their own servers, establishing their own Matrix messaging service.

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