NAVIOS Desktop

NAVIOS Desktop

We're working on it now.

Create secure virtual workspaces to access Windows and Linux apps from anywhere, on any device.

Inuvika OVD Enterprise is available as a cloud service.

System provided

  • OVD Session Manager
    • Manage sessions between Farms that make up OVD Enterprise
  • OVD Enterprise Security Gateway
    • Gateway to control client connections via the Internet
  • OVD Administration Console
    • Console for administrators to manage and configure OVD Enterprise
  • OVD Application Server (Ubuntu 18.04)
    • Server that deploys applications to be delivered to clients
  • OVD File Server
    • File server for storing client profiles and files

Requirements for Provisioning

By handing over to us a subdomain owned by the client, we will provide the following connection points that the client can connect to.

  • URL of the OVD Administraion Console to which you connect via a browser
  • The ssh account of the OVD Application Server where the application you wish to use is deployed and the host to connect to
    • If you provide us with an ssh public key, we will set it up on the server.

Demo Environment

We have prepared a demo environment so that you can see how it works.


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