Design Workflow

Overview Penpot Usage

Penpot is an open source design tool provided as a web application. Below is an overview of basic usage of Penpot.

  1. create a project
    Start Penpot and create a new project. Enter a project title and description, if necessary.

  2. create a canvas
    Add a new canvas to the created project. A canvas is like a page or artboard and represents the area to be designed.

What is design workflow?

Design workflow refers to the sequence of steps or procedures that a designer follows in the design process to produce a design. It begins with a meeting with the client and includes brainstorming and sketching ideas, design refinement, prototyping, testing, and final delivery.

The design workflow is a set of steps that designers can take to improve the quality of their designs and the speed and efficiency of their projects. It also helps to improve the division of roles and communication within the design team, and to build a cooperative relationship with the client.

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